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Monday Night Skate
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Monday Night Skate (MNS)

Every Monday evening from May through September the city streets accross Switzerland belong to the skaters. The event is designed to give experienced skaters a chance to meet others interested in participating in a sporty lifestyle and to skate around some of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland in a safe and organized fashion. The atmosphere is relaxed given that the speed of skating is not of importance.

  • Participation in MNS is free of charge and registration is not required
  • The tours are 15-22 km in length and take approx. 2 hours
  • MNS is safe and legal fun on public streets, accompanied by police and volunteers
  • Confidence on skates is expected as a prerequisite for participation. MNS is not suitable for beginners
  • The participants are responsible for their own insurance


An expedition among friends turned into a well-known event that crosses international boundaries. Around ten years ago, a few inline skaters and roller-skaters started getting together on a regular basis in Zürich. This always took place on a Monday night, as today's name suggests. Bit by bit, more skaters joined in. The tours through downtown Zürich gained insider tip status.

At the time, beginners who could not keep up also took part in the unorganized expeditions. In 1999, Jürg Hauser started what is known as Monday Night Skate (MNS) today. The people who initiated the event wanted to put more emphasis on safety as well as entertainment. The participants rolled through the city along predefined routes. They were accompanied by volunteer helpers who ensured a problem-free event by, for example, stopping traffic and pointing out obstacles. In 2000 Zürich became the first Swiss city to sanction MNS officially. From then on, city police on motorcycles escorted the tours.

The number of participants is rising rapidly. In the 2000 season over 3600 people were counted, and in 2001 the number had already increased to 17000. A year later the total number of skaters reached 33500. A new record was entered on 14 July 2003 in Zürich; that evening around 8600 people skated through the city. In all of Switzerland, around 85000 skaters took part in tours of between 15 and 20 kilometres each from May through October of 2003.

In addition to Zürich, MNS gained a foothold in Winterthur and Bern in 2002. Basel, Luzern, and St. Gallen were added in 2003. The cities of Aarau, Baden, Biel, and Chur joined in 2005 and 2006 brought in Geneva and Zug.


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